Well this wouldn’t be my first crack at poetry but as many poets & lit people would point out the obvious that this poem does not follow the conventional way of poem framing. I would just like to quickly point out that this is not a conventional poem. I just felt like penning it down and so I did.

For me a poem is a very gentle way of writing down one’s feeling or perception. In bygone era it had been used as a tool to revolutionize an entire generation and many times it was for the romantics. Whatever it was, poetry has always been a gentle way of expressing oneself and so did I. I wrote the poem thinking of what I was feeling at that moment. I was thinking about a particular girl’s big eyes & its eventual effect it had on me. To me this poem is a way of telling that “In Those eyes I see a hell lot of a different world”… Some may think its just another love poem but I am looking beyond those four letter words. I see the bond we share, the happy/sad moments we go through together. Yeah sure I love her, no idiot would otherwise but I haven’t defined the boundaries as love is meant to be void of restrictions. Love to me means expression of one’s own feeling with another without restrictions and I don’t see any such restrictions with expressing myself to her or she to me. The day we stop expressing, we begin to hate. Love is expressing, expressing is love. So enjoy the poem.

When the sun shines over the fields,
Repelling shadows of my dreams,
Over to the sky I look and say,
Thank you lord for showing me the way.

When I look into her eyes,
I realize,
Those are not just mere instruments for sight,
But a heavenly abode pulling me with all its might.

I wish I could have been lost in them forever,
Ignorant of the world and looking back never,
Moments surrounding her stunning vibes,
All I could look at was, her beautiful big eyes.

The city throws up challenges worth mentioning,
But none as equal of the one I have seen,
I ask at times, where have you been?
With those beautiful big eyes?

She is an epitome of delight,
Her laughter sprinkled with joy and fright,
It draws me near to heaven farther than the skies,
As I see her beautiful big eyes.

When she smiles,
I just know I am much closer than the given miles,
The streak of giggle filling the atmosphere,
When I see laughter reaching her beautiful big eyes.

I wish I could see it forever.
I wish I could hold on, let go never.
I wish I could seal the image in my heart.
I wish it never ends, the story we gave a start.
I wish I could sculpt it into my pulses.
I wish I could bring heavens down for her.
I wish I could wish again …. more than ever.
Before the clouds rain from the skies,
A wish to see those beautiful big eyes.

Hey, I pray to the higher power if any,
Never take me away from this world,
If you do then grant one wish out of many,
Let me die looking straight into those beautiful big eyes.

The R-Effect

Has anybody been caught up in a moment when you find yourself wondering about a person who has come into your life like a gust of fresh air and everything you ever thought or believed looks like just an ordinary stuff until you talk to that person you’re lost in the thoughts of?

Well, I am currently in that phase. It has many names. Some call it plain laziness, some term it thought process and some even call it craziness. Lots of names and terms. There are “romantics” who would gleefully tell its love and then there are “realists” who would with a straight face say it otherwise. Irrespective of what people find it to be, I don’t see the name/term of the relations. I have always valued the bond than the relation, after all what’s in the name. We are all born nameless then why give a name to a relationship between two people. Some may argue, that a name to the relation gives a purpose or rather the level of commitment but I beg to differ.

Now those who made it till here after all the stuff I have been going on in the above paragraph would be wondering “What is this bloke up to?”.

Well, the explanation to that is, my story THE R-EFFECT!!

This story is not a love story or anything which contains so called “Masala” or “Twists” or “Controversies”, rather its a simple story of two people enveloped by a strong bond which probably will/should last more than usual relationship people get into. For that I am sure of and actually hoping for.

Lets begin from 15th September 2013,


It just started by an usual conversation on FB. Now, the person in concern happens to be a girl and I don’t have the consent of the person to name her so lets just not ponder over the name. So on 15th september I realized that I had a girl in my friend list whom I actually didn’t know but I wouldn’t mind it either but since she was on the friends list I had to know kind of person she was. So unlike my usual self, instead of starting the conversation with her by saying the usual ‘HI’ or ‘HELLO’ and so on, I jumped on to the real point and asked her straight away “Do I know you?” and obviously she replied saying no. Funny thing was neither of us had any idea how we ended up being friends on FB even when we knew nothing about each other in person, absolutely nothing but maybe I am one of those people who rarely takes anything seriously in life, let it even be a tragedy. Eventually we struck up a good rapport, one statement leading to another and so on. Finally, it was already 3 days into the conversation I realized that this girl was interesting. Usually I tend to distance myself from talking with people because I seldom find them interesting enough to even strike up a conversation but this girl was something different. She was of not the usual powder puffed “Girly” girl but she had the “I don’t care” attitude. She was pure Mary Kom minus the boxing gloves and definitely worth talking to. She didn’t shy away from expressing herself no matter how I may perceive her statements but seriously who cared. I always appreciated people who could speak their mind and she is one of them. We went ahead talking to each other, trying to understand each other perhaps and I am still learning about her. I have been fondly called as her “punching bag” because the very fact that she was good at putting me in tricky situations which I usually couldn’t tackle and hence ended up staring blankly, so the name punching bag!

However, even though being complete strangers we really hit it off. Hours together we were constantly chatting. I found her at times insightful and sometimes childish. There were times when she was playful and sometimes she was dead serious. So many emotions packed in one person and also it being expressed so freely is so rare and hence I liked to talk to her. Hours turned into days and days turned into weeks and in matter of two weeks we were talking about almost everything. Daily chores to what we did that day or anything that good/bad that happened. I really didn’t mind it because she was one person who didn’t know me but actually managed to know more about me than my usual regular friends.

Yes,of course she was very sharp, one slip in the conversation and she would be correcting my grammer and spellings. That’s how I ended up being her student as well. Collectively because I made silliest of mistakes and she was after all doing Literature, so it looked like that the nature conspired to get me a english teacher. My previous english teachers must feel proud knowing that I still have a teacher in the language in which I never scored less than 75 in school, never scored less than 85 in college. Frankly speaking, I love the way she corrects me. No emotions. Just Correction. Love it.

And with two weeks, if I am not wrong, I got her number. I was absolutely confused what to do and what not to do now but of course it was sensible to shift to whatsapp as it was better than the messenger we were chatting through. So that was the beginning of another chapter.


It was 12:24am, when the first whatsapp texts were exchanged and since then till today its a whatsapp journey. There were several moments which are memorable. Some are really happy moments and some were sad but mostly were just happy which were contributed mostly due to my stupid antics I guess and hopefully this never ends. I never met her yet, never spoke to her on phone yet, never heard her voice yet but even with so many “Yet” she understood me better than most people who couldn’t do in years.


I haven’t mentioned so many things which are so much treasured by me. I don’t know what it is but its really hard not to talk to her but there are times when the situation forces you not to and yet she takes up 70% of my mind in any given day. This is one bond I would treasure for life or as long as I can. One relation which is worth fighting for. One person with whom I am me and not what the world wants me to be. She is my lucky charm but again, luck or no luck I would still be interested to talk to her the way I do. She has been my guardian angle for a while now, always been looking out for me. Someday hopefully I will meet her, maybe a luck by chance on a walk or maybe a pre-decided meet or maybe we never meet or I never may hear her voice but irrespective of what the future may hold for us I have made up my mind. I will fight my heart out for this girl. I will run miles to make this bond stronger.

Lets see what happens but I am sure, she is worth fighting for. The ultimate R-EFFECT…The-R-Effect